Invite design… done!

January 30, 2010

I sort of had a hunch about when I was going to get engaged, so I contacted my friend Jordan Kay about starting on some art for invitations.  Seattle based but Midwest bred, Jordan is primarily an illustrator but also does textile design.

For my project I gave her a few words like ‘homespun, simple, wildflower, eclectic’ and put the rest in her hands.  I showed her a few images for inspiration, including one of our engagement pictures by Matt Douglas, another talented friend based in Santa Barbara, CA. The other piece of inspiration was one of my favorite album covers of all time, Milk Eyed Mender by Joanna Newsom.

Jordan’s design is playful, unique, colorful, full of texture and just a pleasure to look at!  We will be printing these up to serve as our save the date/invite/announcement.  Photos of proofs to come!



  1. love it! the embroidery theme & lines are lovely–

    • Thanks Rebecca! I am a fan of your blog, and grateful for your commitment to the midwest! Please keep checking back as I add more material to my blog, I have a lot of fun stuff lined up! – Shelby

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