How to pull off a $40 dollar dress?

February 3, 2010

Hil and I ripping the dress in half

I found a great dress on Etsy a while back.  It was $40 from Lea’s Vintage. It fits many of my preferences for my wedding dress: cotton, tea length, washable, slim waist and beautiful cutwork to boot!  There are a few things that I would need adjusted to love it though, such as removing the shoulder pads and bringing in some of the extra fabric around the hips.  Luckily (as I’ve mentioned before) my sister is a talented seamstress and is confident she can re-structure the bodice, bring up the waist and take out some of the bulk in the hips.

I love the idea of having a dress that is comfortable enough to wear again.  In order to pull off a cheap dress I feel like I need to have the right attitude.  I need to feel good in it and be happy to be comfortable and carefree in what I am wearing!  Right now I am feeling some pressure to shop for fairy princess dresses at bridal stores.  Do I have the guts to just go with a cheap dress that I merely like, not love yet?  I’ve never been the kind of girl that fantasizes about being a bride, so I don’t really have any expectations for my dress except for looking good in it and being comfortable.

If you have any thoughts about homemade/cheap dresses, comment!  I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

The dress, before



  1. I love, love, love that you want to wear something for your wedding that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and can only be worn one time. don’t bow to pressure from anyone. Just go with your feelings.

    • Thanks for the advice Kathleen! I will be making my decision soon!

  2. I love love this idea. I am a Minnesota bride (got married in September) and I really wish I would have gone the vintage/altered/handmade route- how fun and I definitely would have saved a ton of cash. Instead I went to one bridal shop and bought the 2nd dress I tried on. My advice to anyone is to not rush into any major purchases.

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