February 11, 2010

Crafting and sewing are appealing to me, but my favorite medium is video production.  My friend Kate shared with me that when planning a wedding, you should take on tasks that are within your strengths and outsource things that are not.  Kate is a florist, so she is ordering and designing all the florals for her own wedding!  I don’t know if I’m quite that ambitious, but I thought it would be do-able to create a video that reflects Joe and my personalities.

I feel like Save the Date videos are trendy and overdone… but I’m just going to ignore that and do something fresh and fun because I can do it well and my loved ones will enjoy it.  That and it’s cheaper than printing and mailing a bunch of postcards people are just going to chuck anyway.  I’ve never understood spending a bunch money on pieces of paper and was going to print up a bunch of free Vistaprint postcards until I had Moral Crisis #1 over the invitations.

That’s right, I encountered my first Moral Panic.  It happened after listening to Judith Martin (Ms. Manners) talking about invitations as a place to put your ‘best foot forward’.  Suddenly my bargain mindedness about sending out some free postcards and saving money on postage faded away.  It’s not that I want to impress anyone or prove to anyone that we aren’t broke (we are)… I just want my announcements to reflect the sincerity that I feel about marriage and not seem cheap.  I am still resolved to keep my invites as simple and as cheap as possible, but I will be doing more to ‘put my best face forward’.  Which means double the postage and envelopes.  But damn it, Ms. Martin’s argument was just so compelling.

Joe and I are not very serious people… we are not doing lovey dovey portraits or videos of us fawning over each other.  We are just having fun, and I hope our video conveys a spirit of fun and celebration.  Laughter brings us together, and something I love about Joe is his ability to make me laugh.  I feel like he will keep me young with his light hearted approach to life.  Again, we are not serious people but we take our marriage seriously.  Hopefully we can keep a good balance of fun and sincerity in our ceremony and in our marriage.


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