Registry alternatives?

February 15, 2010

I hate the idea of sitting in a pile of toasters and household goods while someone writes a list for me because the gifts are too impersonal to remember who gave me what. Isn’t there a way to ask for help in setting up your home without feeling like you’re committing extortion on your guests?

Alternative Gift Registry seems like a decent tool to help organize and centralize your ideas without having to sign up at a store and steal your guests’ free will as to what they give as a gift (if they even want to/are in a position to give a gift).  Isn’t a registry for the distant relatives who don’t really know you?  Shouldn’t your friends know what you’re into enough to think of what you’d like?  This whole registry thing seems ridiculous and excessive. I can just go to Vinny’s and buy some 25 cent cups if I don’t get any.  Problem solved.


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