Honeymoon fascination: Yurts

March 3, 2010

Yurts.  Cool, comfortable and really cheap to stay in.  I happen to have a lot of friends who are really into yurts as dwellings and as ultimate textile projects.  There are all kinds of yurts: some are kind of like spacious tents which you can rent like a cabin and bring your own bedding.  Some have flooring and electricity, some have windows.  Yurts come in all different sizes and are awesome.  We were checking out Oregon as a potential honeymoon spot and found a lot of info about renting yurts on the Oregon Parks and Recreation website.

Beautiful Traditional Yurt

Large Yurt

Yurt with a view



  1. We love Yurts! Where is the second picture from?

    • Hmm, I’m not sure. I think I just typed ‘Oregon yurts’ into google and that came up!

  2. love the idea of yurts for honeymoons! check out more yurts to rent at http://www.coloradoyurt.com/yurts/stay_in_a_yurt/index.php

  3. A YURT!!! I told Dave many moons ago that I wanted a yurt as our vacation home. I think they are amazing… Don’t ask “why.” The more I read your blog the more I know why we are friends. 😀

    • Yes. Let’s add that to the list. That and our love of dirty martinis.
      Was it you that told me about some guys at your college who built a yurt and lived in it instead of renting an apartment?

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