Dear Joe

March 5, 2010

Dear Joe,

I promise never to make you do anything that makes you look like an idiot or a wus just because I saw it on a blog.  I’m sorry, but all these ridiculous props and cutesy freaking lollipops and ironic old cameras just scream “THIS IS THE BRIDE’S DAY…. AND SHE SAW IT ON A BLOG SO OMG SHE NEEDS IT. JUST SUCK IT UP AND MAKE HER HAPPY.  AND TO MAKE HER HAPPY YOU MUST LOOK LIKE AN EFFEMINATE WUS”.

Joe, I know there are an awful lot of decisions that you could frankly care less about.  Like what color the jars are or the flowers.  I happen to think those things are kind of fun, so I’m glad to think of them.  But I also know there things you do care about and are fully capable of helping with.  You have a good eye, and I love your style.  This is our day.  So I promise to never make you hold a lollipop and look love drunk just because it’s cute.




One comment

  1. hear, hear.

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