Sisters will tell you like it is… but nicely

March 9, 2010

So my latest internet obsession has been shoes. It’s almost like meditation: browsing through Endless.com and Amazon and Anthropologie and Ebay etc. etc. trying to find deals and colors that I like. The most repulsive part of this process is I have never been a shoe person, and suddenly I am obsessed with them. I don’t really care about this kind of thing, am I brainwashed?

I drove over to a Retail Bridal Store Which Shall Remain Un-named and dug through their pile of discontinued dyeable shoes and found the perfect pair, in my size on clearance. So I bought them and will be paying the 3 bucks to get them dyed rather than being all ambitious and DIY and doing it myself. Because as I said before… I really don’t care about shoes. These make me look tall, I can actually walk in them and they are pretty cute. And I can dye them blue. Done and done.

I called my sister to be reassured of my purchase, and she was wonderful. I could tell she wasn’t that into them, so I said something like “Give me a pep talk” and she and I had a frank and ultimately refreshing conversation about the shoes being fine and cute albeit not perfect. She said it’s actually great to have shoes I don’t really care about because they will probably get all muddy from the yard anyway. And that’s just fine with me.

Sisters are pretty great that way.

My sister and I


One comment

  1. I need to see these shoes! Give us a picture of them when they are dyed?

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