Shelby is a full time student, part time video producer living in Madison, WI.  She is currently planning a large, unpretentious wedding on the cheap.  With the help of many talented friends and generous family members Shelby hopes to create, build and borrow as much as possible without spending tons of money or wasting resources.  This blog will serve as a way for Shelby to share her findings and ideas with the larger midwestern bride community, and hopefully get some great ideas as well!

Shelby believes that this is an attitude which is held by many Midwestern brides, and admires Midwestern people as hard working, loyal, simple, kind and sweet. Shelby hopes to achieve an event which highlights the significance of  marriage: where the details do not outweigh the celebration of this new beginning.

Engagement Story
Joe and I went to visit our friends in Santa Barabara California to escape the long hard Wisconsin winter. We spent the week biking, cooking, reading, playing bocce ball, cruising around wine country, crafting and being outside every moment possible!

On January 11 Joe drove me up into the hills to go on a hike together. We saw a cool rock and decided to climb up to it. Once at the top I was looking out, taking a picture… and Joe said ‘Hey, Shelby… look at this’. I turned around and he was on bended knee. I of course said yes. And cried a little. And we took a few pictures together and then drove back down the mountain, our lives forever changed!


Jumping for Joy



  1. I am a Madison Bride as well and I just saw your amazing video on Offbeat Bride. I thought it was lovely (I love the park you chose as the venue, that place has always fascinated me.)

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I am so glad your video was posted because your blog it great too. I look forward to following your planning progress (and don’t hate me if I steal some of your good ideas?!).

    • Hi Carmen!
      I’m so glad you found my blog. Steal away… and please please please submit ideas, comments and resources! There have been quite a few Madison Brides visiting the site, and I want to provide as many ideas for them as possible! If you have a blog, send me a link! I’d love to read it.

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