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February 1, 2010

I love working with limitations because it has forced me to really prioritize what I details I want to focus on, and what things I truly don’t care about.  My advice would be to determine what matters to you then stick to your guns when people start telling you what THEY think you should care about.  As I’ve been finding, people have a surprising amount of opinions about anything wedding related.  I will hear out advice with respect, but since I’ve already made up my mind about a few things, it makes it easier to filter out what I will take to heart.

My parents are funding our wedding, and I must say I am extremely fortunate to have reasonable, relaxed benefactors.  I feel no pressure at all from my folks to have the wedding a certain way, while at the same time I want to be a respectful steward of their generous financial gift to Joe and I.

Here are a few tools I found that really helped me start laying out my budget:

Here is a blank Excel document that can be edited to fit your details.

I also found some great Martha Stewart tools that are very useful for creating a checklist, seating chart (if you have one), calendar and budget.