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My kind of craft

May 4, 2010

I’m not very crafty, but I think I could handle this craft from Project Wedding.


Re-post from Style Me Pretty

February 26, 2010

I love love love love this blue.  This is my blue.  Just go read this at Style Me Pretty and love it.

(and another link to a gallery of images associated with the shoot)

Aqua items I love

Pictured above: Hair piece by NevaPlume, Fabric by Roisin Faban


Designer Profile: Custom Design for Your Wedding- Kari K Design

February 18, 2010

Here is a write-up from Madison graphic designer and photographer Kari K about her design process in creating all the print material for an upcoming wedding. Kari does a variety of work with print materials—from graphic design to beautiful and affordable handmade books. Her exploration of the world of print and paper is truly inspiring, and her fun, yet precise work reflects her dedication to her craft. Check out her work for this wedding, and hire her for yours!

kari k design ::: blog ::: twitter ::: facebook ::: flickr

Kate & Caleb 7

“In October 2009, Kate and Caleb approached me to shoot their engagement photos and design a customized wedding package for their March 2010 wedding. They wanted an invitation design with a “shabby chic vibe” that would let them incorporate multiple photos of them from their engagement photo shoot. Along with a custom-designed invitation and RSVP postcard, they also requested a wedding program, illustrations of significant stories leading up to their wedding, table cards, name cards, napkin cards, menu cards and signage for the reception. Their wedding in early March 2010 will feature eclectic vintage and antique decor, with brown, gray, peach, ivory, and metallics as the main colors, along with chartreuse accents. My main inspiration was derived from a piece of decorative sheet music from the 1920s.

Since the wedding package was to include so many different pieces, I wanted to be sure to create a distinctive personal emblem to reinforce the atmosphere of their wedding and add richness to even the most mundane signs—”bathroom is up the stairs, to the right.”

Kate & Caleb Invitation-Wax Seal Cover

The invitation was key in kicking off the event, so it got a lot of attention. Prominently featured on the cover of the invitation is their customized emblem stamped into a gold wax seal that contrasted with the smooth, chocolate brown paper. This booklet-style invitation allowed them room for the invitation, information for the guests, and two full-page photos from their shoot. The hand-binding added an extra personal touch. Their RSVP postcard featured another photo of them from their shoot and tucked neatly inside the envelope, along with the invitation. Not only do they have distinctive wedding invitations, their custom wax stamp is now theirs to use and enjoy for as long as they like.

Kate & Caleb RSVP Card Emblem

To save time and money on printed materials, they created a wedding website that gave the guests more information about the wedding party, maps and directions to the ceremony, and an option to RSVP without going to the post office or buying a stamp. This simplified the process for both the guests and those involved in coordinating the wedding. Also, because they had their entire wedding package designed and produced by the same designer, they ended up with an elegant, personalized, consistent look and saved them the hassle of going through multiple vendors for their printed materials.”

– Kari K

Kate & Caleb Illustration Snippets

See more photos on kari k design’s flickr photostream.


Little things

February 11, 2010

I scored this badass candelabra from Vinny’s

And I tried my hand at making a paper rose out of sheet music.  Cool idea, but way way way too time consuming.  It took me an entire episode of the Sopranos to make.


Beautiful bicycle wheels

February 8, 2010

I was inspired to make my own mobile out of a bike wheel after seeing one at Revolution Cycles here in Madison. Not only do I think that bike wheels can make great decoration, but I also think they can be very useful.  I built a pot rack out of a wheel by replacing the axle and bearings so that the wheel still rotates while remaining secure in its fitting.   (If you are interested, I am selling it on my Etsy store).

I love this look so much I am inspired to use it as some sort of wedding decor: either as a mobile with pictures or candles hanging from it or as a diy light fixture.


Dying mason jars

February 6, 2010

This is the coolest thing ever: dying clear canning jars to look like the traditional old Mason jars!  The antique Mason jars run about $4 bucks each at an antique store or online, while the clear ones are 12 for $15 or so (or free on Craigslist).  Evidently the old aqua jars can actually explode if you put candles in them, so here is an amazing way to get the best of both worlds!  Blue color and safe for any use.  Thank you, Kristin from Bridal Buzz for the great tutorial!


Thanks, Craigslist

February 4, 2010

I scored 9 beautiful canning jars  and future centerpieces from Craigslist today! Ends up it was a friend of mine who listed them, so she gave them to me for free.  I love free things. And generous friends.