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Hair Ideas

April 6, 2010

It’s pretty hard to find hairstyles I like modeled by girls with bangs.  Of course I turned to the adorable Zooey Deschanel as my fringed muse.


Hair pieces

March 17, 2010

So I’ve gone from wanting nothing to just a flower to a handmade piece made of hatmaker’s crinolin… back to good old Etsy.  Sarah and I agree that my dress needs something to help balance it out… so I have been looking for something that is colorful, big and classic.

Here are a few Etsy finds:

And a beautiful feather piece by Toast.


Sisters will tell you like it is… but nicely

March 9, 2010

So my latest internet obsession has been shoes. It’s almost like meditation: browsing through and Amazon and Anthropologie and Ebay etc. etc. trying to find deals and colors that I like. The most repulsive part of this process is I have never been a shoe person, and suddenly I am obsessed with them. I don’t really care about this kind of thing, am I brainwashed?

I drove over to a Retail Bridal Store Which Shall Remain Un-named and dug through their pile of discontinued dyeable shoes and found the perfect pair, in my size on clearance. So I bought them and will be paying the 3 bucks to get them dyed rather than being all ambitious and DIY and doing it myself. Because as I said before… I really don’t care about shoes. These make me look tall, I can actually walk in them and they are pretty cute. And I can dye them blue. Done and done.

I called my sister to be reassured of my purchase, and she was wonderful. I could tell she wasn’t that into them, so I said something like “Give me a pep talk” and she and I had a frank and ultimately refreshing conversation about the shoes being fine and cute albeit not perfect. She said it’s actually great to have shoes I don’t really care about because they will probably get all muddy from the yard anyway. And that’s just fine with me.

Sisters are pretty great that way.

My sister and I


Re-post from Style Me Pretty

February 26, 2010

I love love love love this blue.  This is my blue.  Just go read this at Style Me Pretty and love it.

(and another link to a gallery of images associated with the shoot)

Aqua items I love

Pictured above: Hair piece by NevaPlume, Fabric by Roisin Faban


Designer Profile: Dreamcatcher Studio

February 24, 2010

Dreamcatcher Studio is a Brooklyn based design team of best friends Lucyna and Kasia. Both designers have a fashion and textile design background (and are both FIT alumni).  

Inspiration images from Dreamcatcher Studio

Kasia from Dreamcatcher Studio writes about how she and Lucyna began their line:

“Our journey began with Lucyna’s preparations for her own wedding (she got married in Oct 2009). She always wanted a vintage looking wedding gown and accessories that will  have romantic feel with a bit of modern twist. We realized that there are not too many options for brides who like quality and originality, yet don’t have the budget to buy couture.

We collaborated on Lucy’s Dream wedding gown (that Kasia made) and spent a lot of time searching for  inspirations and perfect lace, fabrics and trims and fell really enamored with the whole process. We ended up with many ideas and obviously couldn’t use them all on one dress…so we started our bridal accessories line. We tend to gravitate towards vintage and things that we personally like.”

Beaded sashes by Dreamcatcher Studio

“Our design style gravitates towards vintage, girlie, Hollywood glam accessories that will help brides shine on that very special day.  We try to incorporate vintage re-purposed items such as brooches,  beading, appliques along fine contemporary materials to achieve this special antique look that many brides are searching for. We enjoy working on custom orders and have completed many for special brides all over the world.”

Beaded headbands and hairpieces by Dreamcatcher Studio

Check out more beautiful work: Dreamcatcher Studio’s Etsy, or Dreamcatcher Studio’s website


At what cost?

February 23, 2010

Today I went to the bridal shop and bought my dress… a lovely bridesmaid dress that I just love.  I am totally surprised that I made a decision so quickly… I tried it on Saturday and bought it today!  It’s simple and beautiful and has a lot of personality.  And it was cheap, which brings me to my next point…

While calculating the dress’ arrival, the ladies at the shop had to account for Chinese New Year… which made me suddenly question where my dress is coming from and who will be laboring over it.

Caught up in a the whirl of wedding planning, I received a wake up call about how the garment industry operates.  I’d like to do more research about where these dresses come from, and at what cost are brides’ dresses being made?  I regret not being more informed before my purchase, because I feel that my purchasing power is one of the few ways I can impact the industry as a consumer.  And a wedding dress is a bigggg purchase, so think of where all that money is going?

I’m not on some high horse.  It’s just good to think about.  I’d love to hear anyone else’s opinions or research.


Trying on dresses round 1

February 17, 2010

So… I have my $40 dollar dress. But I still wanted to have the experience of trying on dresses at a bridal shoppe.  I invited my mom and a bunch of dear friends to witness me strip naked and romp around in mermaid clothes.  I didn’t fall in love with anything, but it was fun.  It was a ritual that really helped me realize that I am a bride… for real! We went to Vera’s Bridal in Madison, which is evidently ‘the’ place to go in town.