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Re-post from Style Me Pretty

February 26, 2010

I love love love love this blue.  This is my blue.  Just go read this at Style Me Pretty and love it.

(and another link to a gallery of images associated with the shoot)

Aqua items I love

Pictured above: Hair piece by NevaPlume, Fabric by Roisin Faban


Potluck wedding insights

January 28, 2010

Nothing says midwest like a potluck.  When I think of a midwestern potluck, I think of hot dishes with corn flakes on everything and jiggly things that came out of cans and periwinkle melmac plates.  But I think it’s possible to rethink the whole potluck aesthetic by thinking of it more like a neighborhood party or a reunion.  I have friends who really really know how to cook, and I am confident we can get a delicious, classy spread.

2000 Dollar Bride’s article about doing food potluck style at the reception.