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Designer Profile: Lindsay Goss-Douglas

March 8, 2010

I have been waiting so so eagerly for Lindsay launch her Etsy store You&MeLove&Peace so I can share her creations with my readers!  Her work is one of a kind and so so so reasonably priced for the painstaking labor she puts into each piece!

Lindsay modeling one of her felt headbands

Felt and vintage button headband

Lindsay is a diverse crafter, creating products ranging from custom designed hairpieces and headbands, jewelry and cards.  I first saw her beautiful work when she made all of the boutonnieres and jewelry for her own wedding!

Beautiful felt bird boutinierre

Lindsay works with found objects such as vintage brooches and jewelry pieces as well as carefully selected fabrics and feathers to create her feminine, whimsical headbands.  (She also has one of the most amazing button stashes I’ve ever seen!) Lindsay also makes beautiful bird’s nest jewelry from twisted wire and different beads.  All of her bridesmaids wore them at her wedding.

Bird's nest earrings

She commits to doing the best in everything she does.  I can attest to this because I have seen Lindsay work.  In every task, from selecting thread color to painstakingly fingering through hundreds of buttons to find the perfect one, Lindsay’s love and commitment to her designs shines through in every piece.  Her value of quality is complimented by her beautiful faith in God that is so central to her life.  I love this girl, and her beautiful work reflects her radiant, beautiful heart.


The Dreaded Registry

March 4, 2010

It is an honor that our guests would want to give us gifts to help set up our new home (we have pretty much nothing).  But I really want to be able to actually appreciate these gifts.  I want to look around my home and think of the person who was kind enough to think of me.

So the fact of the matter is: we could really use some help setting up our home, and a registry is an efficient, organized way for guests to know what we like or need. I think the main thing I hate about registries and showers is the anonymous pile of gifts and the awkward ceremony of being watched as you open toasters and toilet paper holders.

It makes me feel like this:

I hope I don’t sound ungrateful.  Instead of a shower I would rather have a party with loved ones and celebrate together, not open kitchen items and have to act excited about everything.  Don’t get me wrong… I would be really honored and humbled to receive gifts and will respond sincerely and genuinely. I just don’t want there to be all these weird expectations and rules and ceremonies around them.


Registry alternatives?

February 15, 2010

I hate the idea of sitting in a pile of toasters and household goods while someone writes a list for me because the gifts are too impersonal to remember who gave me what. Isn’t there a way to ask for help in setting up your home without feeling like you’re committing extortion on your guests?

Alternative Gift Registry seems like a decent tool to help organize and centralize your ideas without having to sign up at a store and steal your guests’ free will as to what they give as a gift (if they even want to/are in a position to give a gift).  Isn’t a registry for the distant relatives who don’t really know you?  Shouldn’t your friends know what you’re into enough to think of what you’d like?  This whole registry thing seems ridiculous and excessive. I can just go to Vinny’s and buy some 25 cent cups if I don’t get any.  Problem solved.


Designer Profile: Kara Ginther Custom Leather Work

February 5, 2010

Since my wedding planning is lacking a wedding planner, I was sure to budget for gifts to give to everyone who ends up helping Joe and I pull off our wedding.  Recently I was brainstorming about what kind of gifts I could give that would be useful, beautiful and unique. I am hoping to commission some projects from Madison artist Kara Ginther.  Kara does amazing custom leather work- carving and painting a variety of objects.

Kara is a thoughtful designer, drawing much of her inspiration from the Midwest itself.  She has done custom work on found items such as bags, shoes and belts but has recently gotten a lot of press for her work on Brooks saddles.  She has also launched an Etsy shop where she takes commissions for custom work and also has beautiful items for sale.  We’re brainstorming ideas right now, more images later when we make decisions.

Read an interview with Kara from To Be Inspired.