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Wonderful, Weird Wisconsin Venues Part 2

February 25, 2010

As promised, I am continuing my list of weird or wonderful locations to get hitched in Wisconsin.

Which brings me to one of my lifelong fascinations: a place that is difficult to express using mere words.  It is the wonderful, weird, white trash, tacky, classic, future-casting, bizarre, tasteless, fun, gross, awe-inspiring oasis of trash surrounded by natural beauty….

#3- The Wisconsin Dells

One of many tacky motels

One of many head scratching monstrosities that line the streets

Natural beauty surrounding man made wonder

Downtown Dells

Charming tourist traps

Wizard Quest!

Now, I know The Dells are too big to simply represent a venue.  It is, rather, an experience or a backdrop that would cause Awesomeness to cascade into every element of your wedding.  The Dells is known for being the ‘Waterpark Capitol of the World”… so you could enjoy the convenience of a hotel wedding with a wacky wet twist in one of many indoor water parks.

Indoor Waterpark in the Dells

Or you could get hitched in true Dells style at the Dells Bells Wedding Chapel.  After being swept up in the passion of Ripley’s Believe it Or Not, constant fireworks and cheap motels and deciding “Hey, let’s get married!”  this would be the perfect venue.

Wedding Chapel in the heart of the Dells

No nonsense, get 'er done chapel

Dell's Bells Gazebo Wedding

There are a few nearby gathering spaces and resorts that could host a quite lovely, elegant ceremony.  Here are some images from Primavera Studios of a couple who were wed at the Wintergreen Resort in Wisconsin Dells.

Beautiful ceremony in the Dells

Images by Primavera Studios

There are probably dozens of other amazing venues, and perhaps even pretty venues in this part of Wisconsin.  But I’m excited to get to my next location which is perhaps more befuddling, maddening and wonderful than the Dells.

#4- The House on the Rock

Located in beautiful Spring Green, WI the House on the Rock is a multi-faceted experience that takes you from the beautiful to the bizarre.  The House itself is where it all began:

The House on the Rock

"The Infinity Room"

Interior of the House

Remarkable Infinity Room protrusion of the House

Built by Alex Jordan Sr, it was built to echo and perhaps mock Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture after Jordan’s rejection from Wright’s academy Taliesen (which is just down the road).  Alex Jordan Jr. took over his father’s work, aquiring collections and housing them to build a tremendous attraction around the original House.

Today the House on the Rock is a system of warehouses filled with the strangest most breath taking collection of collections ranging from self-playing music machines, a 3-story carousel, armories and a 200 foot scuplture of a whale battling a squid.  Here is a great write up from Roadside America about experiencing the House first hand and what to expect.

Gigantic Carousel

Organ Room

Huge Carriage in the Carriage Room

The streets of Yesterday- a village like display of some of Jordan's collections

My favorite: the 3-story Whale and Squid battle

The complete tour takes at least 4 hours.  Emerging from the dimly lit rooms, you can blink your eyes and remember the beautiful surroundings and clear your head of the off-tune music machines and perhaps resuscitate  yourself with a bit of freshly made fudge.

Well, I’ve run out of steam.  I’ll try to find some lovely Spring Green weddings to share with you all to redeem the weirdness above.  Enjoy.


Wonderful, Weird Wisconsin Venues

February 19, 2010

Southern Wisconsin is home to some of the most strange, beautiful, unique venues in the state.  A few of them would make wonderful venues for weddings because they combine the natural beauty of this lush part of the state and genius man-made structures.

Here is a list of beautiful or strange venues in Wisconsin… keep checking back as I add to the list!

#1  The Forevertron- North Freedom, WI

Image by Queenodesign from Flickr

I had wanted to get married here, but settled to just use it as a backdrop for my pre-proposal film.  It is a beautiful park in the summer, with great cotton wood trees that drop their seed midsummer, creating a dreamy and magical environment for the stunning scrapmetal sculpture park.  You can read more about it on Roadside America, or watch this great trailer from the documentary Scrap from Killing Joke Films about creator Tom Every.

Logistically this venue would be better for a smaller wedding.  Parking is available at the park entrance, and also at Delaney’s next door, but there are no restrooms at the park except for the one in Delaney’s next door.  It’s also a public park, so you’d have people wandering around in the background.

North Freedom is right next to Baraboo, WI home of even more crazy stuff such as the Circus World Museum and the absolutely stunning Ringling Theatre.

#2 Al Ringling Theater- Baraboo, WI

“The Al Ringling Theater in Baraboo, Wisconsin opened its doors in November, 1915 and has been operating continuously ever since. It was built by Albert Ringling, one of the circus Ringling Brothers, for $100,000. Over the years, it has featured performances from vaudeville and silent movies to grand opera starring such notables as Lionel Barrymore and Mary Pickford.”

Here are some images I found from Primavera Studios:

Images from Primavera Studios

Image by Primavera Studios

Just down the road is lovely state park Devil’s Lake, and not far is the Wisconsin Dells, which will be the feature of my next Weird Wisconsin Venue….


A Madison venue at the heart of the community: Goodman Community Center

February 9, 2010

The Goodman Community Center is located on the east side of Madison and is an amazing facility.  The building is a beautiful combination of industrial, elegant and community minded with a bright playground out front and a skatepark in the back.  It houses Ironworks Cafe and Working Class Catering, which both feature local-minded menus and employ teens as kitchen staff and servers.

It also has facilities for rent, including the large Evjue room which can seat around 200 people.

Photo credits: Lee Davenport, Susan Frikken