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Save the Date Video

March 29, 2010

It’s done!  Shot in my basement and the East High school parking lot on a cold day in February.  Joe and I shot it, I edited it and Anna and Hobbes helped with the final shot.  A light hearted, cheap, fun way to announce our wedding!  We bought our costumes at a thrift store and had a lot of the props laying around.  We skimmed iTunes diligently to find the worst version of Canon in D possible. I daresay we succeeded. Enjoy.


Kate and Caleb’s Story

March 9, 2010

I had the honor of creating a video recently for my friends Kate and Caleb.  As part of the ceremony they wanted a way to share their story with their loved ones using images and sound, so they decided a video would be the way to go!  They also wanted to voice their perspective on marriage as one formed by faith by sharing verses from the Bible that have been important in their view of marriage and their pursuit of one another. Be inspired by the story of two beautiful people of faith choosing to join their lives together.


My pre-proposal video

February 22, 2010

I know it’s all over the internetz, but it’s my video so I guess I ought to put it on my blog. This is a video I made Joe for his birthday telling him I was ready to marry him. Obviously, things worked out pretty well after that.


Save the Date video… shot today!

February 22, 2010

Joe and I filmed our ‘Save the Date’ video today. Stay tuned for the video, in the mean time here are some screen shots from the day’s footage:


Video inspiration

February 20, 2010

I’m not very familiar with the band Matt and Kim, but I really enjoy this video. It is one of my inspirations for a ‘save the date’ video I’m working on soon. Stay tuned for our next video… and have a good weekend! And thanks for reading! Come back!



February 11, 2010

Crafting and sewing are appealing to me, but my favorite medium is video production.  My friend Kate shared with me that when planning a wedding, you should take on tasks that are within your strengths and outsource things that are not.  Kate is a florist, so she is ordering and designing all the florals for her own wedding!  I don’t know if I’m quite that ambitious, but I thought it would be do-able to create a video that reflects Joe and my personalities.

I feel like Save the Date videos are trendy and overdone… but I’m just going to ignore that and do something fresh and fun because I can do it well and my loved ones will enjoy it.  That and it’s cheaper than printing and mailing a bunch of postcards people are just going to chuck anyway.  I’ve never understood spending a bunch money on pieces of paper and was going to print up a bunch of free Vistaprint postcards until I had Moral Crisis #1 over the invitations.

That’s right, I encountered my first Moral Panic.  It happened after listening to Judith Martin (Ms. Manners) talking about invitations as a place to put your ‘best foot forward’.  Suddenly my bargain mindedness about sending out some free postcards and saving money on postage faded away.  It’s not that I want to impress anyone or prove to anyone that we aren’t broke (we are)… I just want my announcements to reflect the sincerity that I feel about marriage and not seem cheap.  I am still resolved to keep my invites as simple and as cheap as possible, but I will be doing more to ‘put my best face forward’.  Which means double the postage and envelopes.  But damn it, Ms. Martin’s argument was just so compelling.

Joe and I are not very serious people… we are not doing lovey dovey portraits or videos of us fawning over each other.  We are just having fun, and I hope our video conveys a spirit of fun and celebration.  Laughter brings us together, and something I love about Joe is his ability to make me laugh.  I feel like he will keep me young with his light hearted approach to life.  Again, we are not serious people but we take our marriage seriously.  Hopefully we can keep a good balance of fun and sincerity in our ceremony and in our marriage.