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Little things

February 11, 2010

I scored this badass candelabra from Vinny’s

And I tried my hand at making a paper rose out of sheet music.  Cool idea, but way way way too time consuming.  It took me an entire episode of the Sopranos to make.


Beautiful bicycle wheels

February 8, 2010

I was inspired to make my own mobile out of a bike wheel after seeing one at Revolution Cycles here in Madison. Not only do I think that bike wheels can make great decoration, but I also think they can be very useful.  I built a pot rack out of a wheel by replacing the axle and bearings so that the wheel still rotates while remaining secure in its fitting.   (If you are interested, I am selling it on my Etsy store).

I love this look so much I am inspired to use it as some sort of wedding decor: either as a mobile with pictures or candles hanging from it or as a diy light fixture.


Dying mason jars

February 6, 2010

This is the coolest thing ever: dying clear canning jars to look like the traditional old Mason jars!  The antique Mason jars run about $4 bucks each at an antique store or online, while the clear ones are 12 for $15 or so (or free on Craigslist).  Evidently the old aqua jars can actually explode if you put candles in them, so here is an amazing way to get the best of both worlds!  Blue color and safe for any use.  Thank you, Kristin from Bridal Buzz for the great tutorial!


Cheap flower alternatives

February 4, 2010

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine flowers could be so expensive!  Never!  I put 150 bucks on my budget thinking that would get me a bunch of variety bulk flowers.  I was totally off.  150 bucks can buy me like 80 stems of ONE flower.  Geez.

The only reason I’m into flowers is that they are pretty, natural and disposable.  But truth is, they will die… so why spend so much freaking money?

I asked my florist friend Audre about doing my own floral arrangements.  She suggested we make a run to the grocery store or local farmer’s market before the wedding, or find seasonal stuff by the side of the road (I love this idea, because I love Tiger Lilies which often line midwestern highways in midsummer).  I also really like Audre, so hopefully I will get her to write a few posts about arranging and prepping your own flowers, either bulk or market bought.

Another idea I am interested in is incorporating dried flowers or paper flowers into the mix. Another idea I had is asking local MO friends to plant flowers for me in the spring that I can harvest this summer.  Is this a common practice?  Wedding gardens?  I’d love thoughts on this.

If you’re dying to do bulk, here is a site that was recommended by a Missouri friend.  Sam’s Club (shudder, I know… but it’s cheap) also does bulk floral, who knew?  And lastly the Springfield, MO farmer’s market guide if anyone else is looking for local flowers this summer.


How to pull off a $40 dollar dress?

February 3, 2010

Hil and I ripping the dress in half

I found a great dress on Etsy a while back.  It was $40 from Lea’s Vintage. It fits many of my preferences for my wedding dress: cotton, tea length, washable, slim waist and beautiful cutwork to boot!  There are a few things that I would need adjusted to love it though, such as removing the shoulder pads and bringing in some of the extra fabric around the hips.  Luckily (as I’ve mentioned before) my sister is a talented seamstress and is confident she can re-structure the bodice, bring up the waist and take out some of the bulk in the hips.

I love the idea of having a dress that is comfortable enough to wear again.  In order to pull off a cheap dress I feel like I need to have the right attitude.  I need to feel good in it and be happy to be comfortable and carefree in what I am wearing!  Right now I am feeling some pressure to shop for fairy princess dresses at bridal stores.  Do I have the guts to just go with a cheap dress that I merely like, not love yet?  I’ve never been the kind of girl that fantasizes about being a bride, so I don’t really have any expectations for my dress except for looking good in it and being comfortable.

If you have any thoughts about homemade/cheap dresses, comment!  I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

The dress, before


Goodwill Bridal Show

February 2, 2010

My sister who is a seamstress in Minneapolis just tipped me off on a local phenomenon: the Goodwill Bridal Sale!  It runs Friday February 19-20th in Saint Paul.  Evidently they fill a huge warehouse with EVERYTHING BRIDAL EVER.  If you aren’t looking for a dress, it could be a great way to score a crinolin or a veil, or even an old dress to repurpose.

Here’s a great example of a repurposed dress turned into a little shrug made by my housemate Sarah and worn by my friend Kaleen.  I love how Sarah used all the great covered buttons originally in the back of the gown down the front of the jacket!

Go to the Goodwill website for more info.


Free Project Wedding Website

January 30, 2010

Free wedding sties offered by Project Wedding

Project Wedding is offering awesome, free wedding websites.  The pages are great with places to put Maps, how we met, RSVP, registry and more.  Also, the templates are super cute.  Oh, and did I mention it’s free?