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Love Flowers

April 22, 2010

My wedding flowers are sprouting!  I cannot express how delighted I am that so many loved ones are growing flowers for my wedding.  I wouldn’t want it any other way.  I’m blessed to have such helpful friends and family!


Handpicked flowers

March 25, 2010

I really like the handpicked look.  Especially since my family and friends in MO have volunteered to plant some flowers in their garden for us.  My fiancé’s aunt calls them ‘Love Flowers’.  I am so thrilled!  So in celebration, here is a montage of lovely handpicked flowers from the internet!

Ranunculus, larkspur, yarrow, eucalyptus, straw flower, snap dragons, Chinese lanterns, zinnias.


Cheap flower alternatives

February 4, 2010

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine flowers could be so expensive!  Never!  I put 150 bucks on my budget thinking that would get me a bunch of variety bulk flowers.  I was totally off.  150 bucks can buy me like 80 stems of ONE flower.  Geez.

The only reason I’m into flowers is that they are pretty, natural and disposable.  But truth is, they will die… so why spend so much freaking money?

I asked my florist friend Audre about doing my own floral arrangements.  She suggested we make a run to the grocery store or local farmer’s market before the wedding, or find seasonal stuff by the side of the road (I love this idea, because I love Tiger Lilies which often line midwestern highways in midsummer).  I also really like Audre, so hopefully I will get her to write a few posts about arranging and prepping your own flowers, either bulk or market bought.

Another idea I am interested in is incorporating dried flowers or paper flowers into the mix. Another idea I had is asking local MO friends to plant flowers for me in the spring that I can harvest this summer.  Is this a common practice?  Wedding gardens?  I’d love thoughts on this.

If you’re dying to do bulk, here is a site that was recommended by a Missouri friend.  Sam’s Club (shudder, I know… but it’s cheap) also does bulk floral, who knew?  And lastly the Springfield, MO farmer’s market guide if anyone else is looking for local flowers this summer.